Dauntless’ Ostian repeaters are here, Halloween event is coming

Dauntless Ostian repeaters

It didn't take long since the previous announcement for the Ostian Repeaters to appear in Dauntless. The first true ranged weapon for this PC co-op action RPG is now live in the game.

The Ostian Repeaters completely change the approach that players may take to hunt down the behemoths. Instead of getting up close, you can use this pair of high-powered pistols from a distance, but it is also recommended to get in close, guns blazing – the closer you get, the more damage your Repeaters will do. The Repeaters come with a modular customization system that any slayer is able to play around with. Comprised of four parts (barrel, chamber, grip and prism), these can be crafted, mixed and matched to create the perfect weapon for your gameplay style. There is more info on the Repeaters here.

On October 17 comes the Halloween-themed Dark Harvest event which will introduce a new and yet mysterious behemoth. Not only that, but you will also get to meet a behemoth-worshiping cult called the Unseen.

Dauntless' Ostian repeaters

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