Dauntless’ The Coming Storm expansion is out today with new behemoth

Dauntless The Coming Storm expansion live Koshai

Dauntless is getting bigger with today's release of The Coming Storm expansion, the first major content update since Phoenix Labs' game entered open beta in May 2018.

The Coming Storm is such a large update that the developers are going to add content to it – expansions to the expansion, so to speak – over the coming weeks. But for now, the highlight is the new and fierce behemoth, Koshai, he Sovereign of Thorns. This remarkable beast is capable of tearing through the strongest armor thanks to its thorns, but there's more. Koshai apparently will bring change to the Shattered Isles, as it causes the other behemoths to evolve and change their behavior and form – this surely translates into new strategies for the more skilled players to discover.

The Coming Storm also includes a new faction, the Ostians, whom will bring a new story and quests as well as new weapons and items. The coming weeks will bring additional content on a weekly basis, including the new ranged weapons, the Ostian Repeaters, to go with the craftable grenades that also give slayers the option for ranged attacks.

Check the patch notes for The Coming Storm here.

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