New Dauntless trailer shows hub city Ramsgate and new behemoth Skraev

dauntless open beta

A new Dauntless trailer just emerged courtesy of PC Gamer and this one is a biggie, as it shows some important things that we've never seen in action before. First and foremost, this is our first animated look at the hub city of Ramsgate, the place where slayers go to rest, craft, upgrade and evolve – you know, all that good stuff. You can take a look at some more diverse armors and dyes, as well as the odd transportation from the city to the floating isles where you'll hunt the behemoths.

This new Dauntless trailer is where you'll take the first look at an undisclosed behemoth called Skraev, a gigantic owlbear-like creature that looks pretty much like the Shrike, but with an icy theme and some different attacks. The fiery Embermane is also part of the video, with the slayers defeating the creature and using its abilities to craft more specific armor and take down the Skraev with the advantage of fire.

It's all looking good and you can still sign-up for the Dauntless alpha. If you need more details about this free to play Monster Hunter of sorts, you can clear some of your questions with the help of the Dauntless FAQ.

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