Destiny 2 Steam account linking and cross save dates revealed

Destiny 2 Steam account linking

Bungie has just revealed the Destiny 2 Steam account linking and cross save dates. In anticipation of the October 1 release and free-to-play migration of Destiny 2: New Light, Bungie has shared the details and dates for two of the most significant milestones. This is the same day when the new Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion will be released.

Two individual resources were opened to guide current and future Destiny 2 players. One of them is for current Destiny 2 PC players who don’t want to lose their progress in the switch from to Steam. The other one is for those who wish to play Destiny 2 in different platforms and want to see their progress carried over, no matter the platform where they are playing.

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The first resource guides you through the account migration from to Steam. The account linking process begins on August 20 and the page is already available, containing a brief FAQ detailing the main guidelines.

The account linking process is a one-time transfer of all the Destiny 2 content that a player owns, including the player account, expansions, annual pass and more. New players will be able to explore the massive world of Destiny 2 while current players may purchase the Shadowkeep expansion and continue their saga in Bungie’s sci-fi epic. Come October 1, players failing to make the move won’t be able to play Destiny 2 on anymore, as the game will no longer be available on Blizzard’s

The anticipated Cross Save feature is coming to Destiny 2 and the dedicated page is now open. The launch of Cross Save is planned for August 21, allowing you to use your gear, weapons, and loot across all platforms where you play Destiny 2. Cross Save is supported by all platforms where the game is available: PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Stadia (the release is planned for later this year).

The Cross Save feature shouldn’t be mistaken for cross-platform play. You won’t be able to play with Guardians in other platforms, it is simply designed to carry your details from one platform to another.

The Destiny 2: New Light release was recently delayed for a couple of weeks. Bungie decided that it was better to use the extra time instead of rushing the launch.


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