Dragomon Hunter is shutting down in North America and Europe

It looks like Dragomons are going to enjoy a peaceful life from now on. Aeria Games has announced that Dragomon Hunter is shutting down later this month, on June 29, 2017, after 17 months of operation in North America and Europe. This decision is attributed to the diminishing number of players/hunters and “some resources issues on our side”, says the studio in the latest producer's letter. The server merge in May 2016 was as good an indication as any that the playerbase wasn't that great already.

As a thank you to the remaining players, all the items will only cost 1 AP, all the AP you spent during May and June will be refunded as Bonus AP, and there are also other bonus that you can check on the producer's letter.

Dragomon Hunter was originally released in Asia as Dragon Slayer and is one of several games from Taiwanese studio X-Legend Entertainment. Aeria Games snagged the rights for the western release and this game went live after Aura Kingdom and before Twin Saga, two more games from X-Legend. Is Aeria Games picking up the developer's latest game, Seventh Dark Online? Only time will tell. Maybe when Aeria is done with Bless Online


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