Dragon Nest 2: Legend is shutting down, totally unexpected

Dragon Nest 2: Legend is shutting down

Nexon has announced that the mobile game Dragon Nest 2: Legend is shutting down on December 29, 2017.

The sequel to the popular PC MMORPG Dragon Nest, which was surprisingly announced as a mobile exclusive, Dragon Nest 2: Legend ditched the anime graphics of the first game in favor of a more stylized, Vindictus-like look.

Was the game in trouble (aka low player base) or could Nexon be paving the road for the release of open world cross-platform MMORPG World of Dragon Nest? Who knows?

The full announcement is right below:


We would like to share some sad news to you heroes, who have shown love and support towards Dragon Nest 2 Legend since its launch.

On December 29th, service for Dragon Nest 2 Legend will be terminated.

Once again, we would like to show our sincerest gratitude towards you who have loved and supported the game. With a heavy heart, we ask for your kind understanding that it was extremely tough and difficult to have come to this decision.

With the upcoming service termination, we will be closing off app downloads and in-app purchases. It will still be possible to play the game normally after access to app download and in-app purchases have been closed off.

Access to the game will be impossible after the service in terminated. We therefore ask that you use all your in-game currencies before the service end date.

[Service Termination Details]

■ Closure of in-app purchases: 2017. 11. 30 (Thurs.) 05:00 – 14:59 UTC+0

– In-app purchase will be blocked after 11.30 (Thurs.) maintenance. Please restrain from purchasing in-app items after the maintenance.

■ Service Termination and closure of app download: 2017. 12. 29 (Fri.) 05:00 UTC+0

We again appreciate your love and support towards Dragon Nest 2 Legend and hope that we meet you again in another of our games in the very near future.

Thank you”

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