Drakensang Online’s new expansion Sands of Malice is out in a few days

Drakensang Online is about to get a new expansion in just a few days – Sands of Malice will be available starting February 28 and this huge and free expansion will increase the level cap from 50 to 55. This update takes players “to a mysterious Arabian themed land full of desolation, powerful enemies and danger lurking around every corner”. Players have to travel to the homeland of Zahir and investigate his claims that the land is cursed, with rumors of an ancient power and a plot to free it from its prison beneath the temple.

Sounds exciting. But here's what the Sands of Malice expansion brings: “Level cap increase to level 55, the new “Deeps of Demise” arena which features randomized encounters, new dungeon difficulties to high level areas, the new rune system, additions to gems, new monster types and items, higher drop chances in parallel worlds and much more.”

After the release of the latest big update for Drakensang Online in August 2015, Rise of Balor, Sands of Malice should bring “a framework which lets us come out with content more frequently”, so let's hope Drakensang Online players don't have to wait nearly two years for another massive update.

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