Elsword anime series is live, watch the first three episodes

Elsword anime

Fans of Elsword Online are in for a treat with the release of the anime series based on this game. The series is called Elsword: The El Lady.

You can watch the Elsword animation here, or just go ahead and take a look at the first three episodes of the series below. The best thing is that it already comes with official English subtitles, so everyone who knows a bit of English is capable of watching it right now.

More episodes will be coming soon, so keep checking back for new stuff. Here is the synopsis of the series:

Elsword: The El Lady opens with the El Search Party as they search Hamel for the missing Water Priestess. In the first three episodes, travel with the El Search Party as they work together to overcome obstacles, battle dangerous foes, and rescue their powerful friends from captivity. The series features two original theme songs “Runner's High” and “Reunited with Hope”.

Episode 1 – The Adventure Begins!
The El Search Party finds and befriends a resolute and driven young warrior named Chung. He guides the El Search Party through his war-torn home of Hamel. Overrun with Demons, the El Search Party is ambushed. Do they have what it takes to face the demon responsible for the assault on Hamel…

Episode 2 – Suspicious Company
The El Search Party is caught in a pinch… From the collapsing bridge, to the mysterious figure that shows up to aid them, a fantastic adventure unfolds. They decide to split up in order to find the path to the sacred Water Temple where an entirely different type of trouble awaits them…

Episode 3 – Water Temple
The El Search Party finally arrives at the Water Temple where they find the Water Priestess is being held captive. The demon, Ran, awaits the El Search Party, but just as Chung is about to deliver Ran the final blow, a strange girl interferes…

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