Ember Sword main character teased via CGI trailer, really hi-tech cool

Ember Sword main character

It's hard to talk about Ember Sword without thinking about its potential. There is so much going on with this game and yet, the few trailers don't show enough to back up all those promises.

Don't believe me? Well, what if I tell you that Ember Sword is an open world MMORPG featuring a classless action combat system, a player-driven economy, tons of life activities and other cool sounding things. What's more, Ember Sword is a blockchain-based MMO, which means that you have full ownership over your items – you can trade, sell or offer them in-game or even outside the game. Promises include no lootboxes and no predatory pay-to-win tactics.

Sounds great, doesn't it? But apart from an old teaser that looks more like a proof of concept than a game, there isn't much to look at. Recently we had a short combat teaser for Ember Sword, but it still feels like a game ages away from a public beta.

Nonetheless, the So Couch Studios team seems gifted, as the recently released Ember Sword main character teaser aptly proves. More images will be released in the coming weeks, and hopefully 2019 will bring a lot more of Ember Sword, particularly gameplay trailers. The official website is the place to register and follow the developments of Ember Sword.

Watch the Ember Sword main character reveal below. Looks cool, doesn't he?


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