Enemy on Board is a free multiplayer PC game from former League of Legends devs

Enemy on Board

Former League of Legends developers at Windwalk Games have announced their debut title Enemy on Board. This is a free-to-play asymmetrical multiplayer PC game where action and strategy are mixed to result in a game of cat and mouse… or spy versus spy.

In Enemy on Board, the action is set on a spaceship, where six players wake up to a tale of betrayal. Two of those players are randomly selected as aliens, needing to work together in order to keep their identities secret and kill the crew. The crew members, on the other hand, must work as a group and use several tools to discover and eliminate the aliens: weapons, tools, and voice communication are some of the means at disposal.

But danger also comes in other form, with the Andromeda ship risking critical system failures and subsequent explosion, killing everyone. You need to repair the ship to avoid this fate, and this goes both for crew and aliens.

Matches in Enemy on Board are short, taking between six and eight minutes. There is a vast arsenal of weapons and character skins to choose from, certainly the aspect where monetization will kick in.

Asymmetrical multiplayer games aren't exactly known for their wide fan base, as Evolve and Breach have proven. Hopefully this will be the game to change that, as it could turn out to be fun in a niche kind of way. Enemy on Board launches later this year on PC and Mac, and you can wishlist the game on Steam right now.

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