Fortnite is coming to China, Tencent is the publisher

Fortnite china

If you thought that Fortnite couldn't get any bigger, you're wrong. Epic Games' colossal Battle Royale hit is going to launch in China.

There's no release date yet, but we do know that giant Chinese company Tencent is going to be the publisher for the region. They are pretty serious about Fortnite, as they are willing to invest $15 million into the game, half of which to create and develop an eSports scene for it. The rest of the budget is probably mostly for marketing purposes.

Oddly enough, the agreement is only for the client-based version of Fortnite, as the mobile version isn't included. Maybe Tencent wants to test the market before extending the deal, or perhaps Epic Games wants to keep this card close to their chests. Or maybe they don't want internal competition, as Tencent is behind PUBG mobile, also available in China as well.

Now that I think about it, no other new Battle Royale game or port was announced today yet. Oh wait

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