Forza Street is now available on PC, but hold your horses

Forza Street PC launch

This has all the makings of great news: a new Forza game was just released, it's free-to-play and on PC! In a perfect world, that is, because the real news are a far cry from what any respectable player would wish for.

Forza Street is in fact one of those auto-play games where player interaction is minimal and the cash shop is strong. It is a rebranding of the Miami Street game that was released on PC in 2018 because… well, it doesn't take a marketing degree to understand that the Forza name has a bigger pull than Miami or some other random word. Because the Forza series is truly great, both the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon arms, and this name may capture some inattentive players.

Forza Street is a racing game where you don't drive. Your task is simply to accelerate by pressing a mouse button, braking by releasing it and pressing it again to go faster.

*Rolls eyes

No, really, that is all that you have to do, the car turns by itself as you watch the “race” unfold. The goal is to collect more cars so that you can enter even more thrilling races. Are you excited yet?

Forza Street is available in the Windows 10 store and is coming to iOS and Android soon. In case you want to play it on mobile as well.


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