Free-to-play Destiny 2: New Light is now live on Steam with impressive figures

Free-to-play Destiny 2

Very few games have second chances such as Bungie's divisive MMO shooter. The free-to-play Destiny 2: New Light is now available on Steam, along with the new premium standalone expansion Shadowkeep.

It looks like many players were dying to see this release happening, with initial figures pointing to over 214,000 peak concurrent players, quite an impressive number for a game that isn't new. Most games that make a transition from buy-to-play to free-to-play tend to see a slight player base boost, but nothing like what is happening with the free-to-play Destiny 2 right now.

Or what was happening, because what seemed like a smooth release turned into a deluge of weasels, chickens, and beavers, which are the error codes in Destiny 2. Quite the zoo that is going on there.

Anyway, the release of Destiny 2: New Light officially marks the departure from Activision and, with the Steam release representing a new beginning for Bungie and its long-running vision for the MMO shooter. Existing Destiny 2 players are able to migrate their account to Steam for free, hopefully without issues, but check the FAQ if you want to be prepared.

The game comes with tons of content from year one, was we have shown in a Destiny 2: New Light roadmap while we advised you to pre-load the title.

If you are playing Destiny 2, let us know in the comments if New Light changes anything for the better, and if Shadowkeep is a worthy addition to the franchise.

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