Genshin Impact closed beta facts reveal an average of level 9 rank

Genshin Impact closed beta facts

While it keeps working on the next testing phase, miHoYo keeps players invested by revealing some Genshin Impact closed beta facts. This time it's nothing of those extensive FAQs, just a few bits of info for fans.

One of the most interesting facts is the number of participants in closed beta 1. Apparently, there were over 1000 players, or Travelers as the game calls them, exploring the world of Teyvat. It's a really small count, but there will be more spots for further betas.

The average adventure rank managed by most players during this beta test was level 9. Sounds a bit puny, but it probably had to do with the options available during the test – maybe there just wasn't enough diversity to advance much more than that? Or players were too busy trying the different characters and sightseeing in the beautiful open world? Only those who participated will truly know.

One player spent several days in Genshin Impact – not consecutively, mind. A Traveler named HarrisKK spent 115.7 hours online during closed beta 1. He must really have liked the game.

Now it's a matter of learning when the second Genshin Impact closed beta test begins.

Genshin Impact closed beta facts players


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