Genshin Impact ends closed beta, explains multiplayer, optimization and customization

Genshin Impact multiplayer co-op

So, that's it, the first Genshin Impact closed beta is officially over. This open world anime RPG from the makers of Honkai Impact 3rd garnered quite the attention when it was recently announced.

To celebrate this event, developer miHoYo (it's so hard to write this word properly, capital letters and all) has decided to answer some of the players' most pressing questions. One of the big topics is if Genshin Impact is an MMORPG or not.

Well, it clearly isn't. You won't see dozens of other players roaming the land of Teyvat – Mondstadt was the place where CBT1 took place, but this is just one of seven major city-states in the game. 

Genshin Impact isn't a solo game either; there is an online component that goes beyond server-side saves and all that jazz. It is, in fact, an online/multiplayer game, with an online co-op mode for both the game world and the dungeons. But it is your world, which means that you can play alone or invite friends to your game – your friends' world will remain exactly the same as when they left it. PvP multiplayer or one-on-one battles aren't the priority, but it doesn't mean that they are out of the picture.

Further customization options for outfits and homes are other points that are being worked on.

Optimization is an important issue, as Genshin Impact will require a mobile device with relatively high specs to properly render its huge volume and contents. But the team hopes that by the time of the official release, the game will be playable in most mainstream models. Genshin Impact is also available on PC, where it should offer high quality graphics, just like the CBT1 videos have shown.

Lastly, the next closed beta test doesn't have a date yet, but it will include more players and feature a longer duration. It will also open on Android – the first test was only available on PC and iOS.

Are you excited for Genshin Impact or do you think that it doesn't tickle your Breath of the Wild fancy?

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