Go fists of furry with the new TERA class in the Skywatch: Call to Arms update

TERA Skywatch Call to Arms

TERA is getting a new update for PC on June 11 that adds some seriously furry action. Skywatch: Call to Arms brings a new race and class combination, the Popori brawler.

While not a truly new class per se, the Popori brawler will surely make the delights of players who wanted a bit more punch to these cute fellows. While ferocious, they were never able to translate their fierceness into a flurry of fists, something that will soon be possible.

The Skywatch: Call to Arms update comes with a four-week long leveling event to help players climb through the ranks. If you can get your brawler up to level 65 by July 9 you will earn premium Kitten Hittin’-Mittens weapon skins.

A new system also offers the chance to get treasure maps that will point you towards hidden chests of loot.

TERA Skywatch Call to Arms cat TERA Skywatch Call to Arms bunny


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