Guild Wars 3 could be in the works at ArenaNet, following president’s departure

Guild Wars 3

ArenaNet may be working on Guild Wars 3, the sequel to the long-running MMORPG. The departure of president Mike O’Brien after 19 years at the studio prompted the potential reveal of this project.

According to Kotaku, O’Brien is one of eight developers who are leaving the studio, and they were part of an early development team working on a new Guild Wars project, most likely Guild Wars 3. Another source said that while Guild Wars 3 still wasn't greenlit, the work done by this group could have evolved into that game.

O’Brien expressed his desire to create a new studio focusing on smaller scale games, while ArenaNet confirms that work on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 will proceed. The latter is being regularly updated with new Living World content, driving the story forward.

Earlier this year, NCsoft laid off over 100 ArenaNet developers, but the studio still counts around 200 staff within its ranks.

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