Haru Estia unlocks her potential with first SoulWorker class expansion

Haru Estia SoulWorker class expansion

Haru Estia is finally evolving with the new SoulWorker update. She is the first character from the western version to get a job upgrade, or class expansion, whatever you want to call it. The update also brings the new town, Grasscover Camp, perfect for characters of level 55 and above.

Haru Estia, also known as Soulum Sword, will unlock new skills when she completes a quest that you can access from level 57. You can see the improved Haru in action in the video below, using a second sword for good measure and a cool-looking trenchcoat. Gameforge promises that the other five characters will get their class expansion updates as soon as possible, so that everyone is on an even playing field.

But the coolest thing is that you can get a free Haru pack to celebrate the class expansion – you can collect it for free in the in-game shop, Top Offers category. It's available until September 20, 2018 and here is what it includes:

• 1x Haru Estia Figure
• 1x Powder Blue (Haru, hair colour)
• 1x Inventory Expansion Ticket
• 10x Bonus Keycard
• 10x HP & SF Kit
• 10x Respawner

There is a treasure chest event running until September 20, with these rare chests appearing in the districts of Grace City and Ruin Fortress. One final note about the new Haru style furniture and decorations that you can now purchase from the in-game shop.

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