Horror shooter Hounds enters open beta

After one of the shortest closed beta tests ever, the free-to-play horror online shooter Hounds: The Last Hope is entering open beta today, Netmarble has announced. This is one of the few F2P third-person shooters that take a mature approach to the setting, pitting you against hordes of zombies in the co-op PvE mode, with a story to go along with all the shooting. There's also a PvP mode, obviously.

While this game has been around for over a couple of years in Korea and it kind of shows its age, it's still a solid and fun shooter experience that we recommend to every fan of the genre. Even if you don't like the game, you'll probably laugh at the very bad voice acting.

Anyway, to know more about the game, you just have to watch our Hounds: The Last Hope gameplay video below.


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