Tactical game Insidia enters open beta on September 7

Insidia enters open beta

Shortly after being revealed, the tactical game Insidia is going to enter open beta on September 7. Developer Bad Seed has announced the specific date for the beta, which was previously sitting at a vague “summer”. Insidia enters open beta through Steam Early Access and Gamescom visitors will have the opportunity to play it earlier, from August 23 through August 26.

Insidia is a free post-apocalyptic tactical PvP game with mechanics that aren't unlike other recent launches such as Atlas Reactor, Duelyst and Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics. Matches are limited to 15 minutes and you control a team of four champions. The open beta will include six champions, with two more to come during this phase, but the aim is to launch with 12 champions and 36 skins.

Bad Seed is also betting on pushing Insidia as a eSports game later in the year, with it being the first indie game to enter the FACEIT’s eSports platform after full release.

You can watch the first Insidia gameplay trailer below and sign up at the official website for updates.

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