Istina is the latest Peria Chronicles kirana to be revealed

peria chronicles istina

Thingsoft continues its ongoing saga of revealing new Peria Chronicles kirana and the latest one is Istina, roughly translated. Istina is a beautiful purple woman-like creature who has ice powers and we're certain she isn't afraid to use them. Her artwork is right after and below it you can learn a bit about her lore, but in a very rough English.

Meanwhile, we keep on waiting for some new Peria Chronicles trailer or beta announcement, as the first and last time that we saw a playable version was ages ago, during G-Star 2016.

Istina, brilliant Kirana.
“Ice crystals are shining.”
“Do not come too close. I'll freeze it. “

– Story of Istina –
Akasha made splendid sculptures and scattered the pieces of ice and stayed there for a while. It was the perfect place for Akasha to cool his head after he had exhausted a few Kira's creatures for a while. As Akasha did not appear for a while, Akasha's creator and companion, Kirana and Acharya of change, came to the brilliant sculpture to find Akasha.


Akasha was intoxicated with beauty, looking at the scattering of the light that she made and the ice crystals she created. Akachia broke Akasha's thoughts, but Akasha asked Azariah, not surprised or unpleasant, as if she had thought it would.

“What kind of pieces do you need for sculpture?”

While talking about it, Akasha's gaze still stood on shiny ice sculptures.

“I do not know your thoughts.”

“I made ice and saw the crystal and put it in the sky. Acharya, look. I have only made ice, and these delicate sparkles and the splendor of beautiful light are made by me. “

Akasha smiled a peek.

“And the unexpected beauty that they created gives me another impression.”

Between the sparkle of ice and the touch of Akasha, a very beautiful Kira was made. Achaliah was amazed by the dramatic changes that Akasha had made and trembled without knowing.

“I will call this moment ‘Istina'. What do you think?”

“It's a good name.”

As soon as Istina heard her name she smiled brightly and nodded.

– Istina's Battle Guide –
Istina can create a powerful ally that makes all the objects around her cold. All objects that are in chill will slow down and cause great damage. Istina is especially useful when dealing with a large number of striking Kirana, and it can be used in various ways such as organizing the enemies that have tied the movement to Istina in relation to the remote Kirana.

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