Kingdom Under Fire 2 coming to NA and EU after Russian open beta

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

It's been ages since we heard anything about the western versions of Kingdom Under Fire 2 – in fact, the last time was in June 2016, when it was said that the North American and European releases would happen after the launch of the Chinese version. Now, the China version is about to enter another beta test in March and after that it's the open beta, so it should be a while still.

However, in an interview with 2P, Blueside's CEO Lee Sang-youn has revealed that the studio plans on focusing on the North America and Europe versions after the Russian open beta this fall:

“The Russian version will start closed beta in summer 2017 and open beta in the fall. After that we'll focus on NA, EU, KR, JP and other regions. We plan to launch the PC version and PS4 version simultaneously in NA and EU.”

Some more interesting info was revealed in this interview. For example, the game runs on the Blueside 2.0 engine which supports 10,000 units on-screen, but the Blueside 3.0 engine is in development and will support up to 60,000 units. The PlayStation 4 Kingdom Under Fire 2 version will be powered by Blueside 3.0 engine at launch, and the PC version will be upgraded soon after the PS4 launch.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

More classes are in the works for Kingdom Under Fire II, with the plan being of releasing a new one every four to five months. Classes planned include the Elementalist, Sorceress (Black Mage), and Paladin.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 (1)

Kingdom Under Fire 2 (2)

Kingdom Under Fire 2 (3)

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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