Kingdom Under Fire 2 details promised for next week

kingdom under fire 2 details

Gameforge has just teased fans with Kingdom Under Fire 2 details that will be revealed during next week. The short announcement doesn't elaborate on what we should expect, so it's speculation time.

Naturally, everything is pointing to the first Kingdom Under Fire 2 beta. At least, the first one in North America and Europe. Gameforge acquired the publishing rights for Kingdom Under Fire 2 in July 2019 and haven't said much since, but the initial plan is to launch the game by late 2019. The deal is only for the PC version, so while there is a PS4 version out there as well, it won't be published by Gameforge.

Gameforge is the European publisher of free online games such as SoulWorker, TERA and Aion. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is an action MMORPG and strategy hybrid where you control a class that commands enormous troops in the battlefield. It's the rare kind of game that for some reason took several years to reach the west, but there isn't much like it. Conqueror's Blade is a good example of a similar game, but Kingdom Under Fire 2 is high fantasy and features a stunning world.


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