KOG Studio details KurtzPel’s North American beta and G-Star 2018 show

KurtzPel's North American beta

Following on the recent announcement of KurtzPel's North American beta, KOG Studio has unleashed more details on this, and also confirmed that the anime action RPG will be shown during G-Star 2018 in South Korea.

KOG Studio has reached an agreement with its North American subsidiary KOG Games to bring KurtzPel to players all around the world. This will begin with a beta test in North America during the duration of G-Star, which means that the beta will run from November 15 to November 18, 2018. The pre-registration page is already open, so head over there if you want a chance to try this game early. KurtzPel's director O-Dang Kwon wants your feedback, either from this North American closed beta or from the G-Star 2018 showing.

Chasers, as the players are labeled in this game – which has some strong connections to one of KOG's previous games, Grand Chase -, will be able to try PvE during G-Star 2018. KurtzPel will feature raid-style encounters where players fight challenging bosses.

This is all the KurtzPel info we have for now, but when G-Star 2018 begins we should get a lot more gameplay footage and details.

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