Kritika Online coming to North America and Europe in 2017, publisher is…

Kritika Online on Steam

Heck, yeah! The stylish action MMORPG Kritika Online is finally coming to North America and Europe beginning in Q2 of this year. Korean developer ALLM has reached an agreement with En Masse Entertainment, publisher of the successful MMORPG TERA in North America. Kritika Online will enter closed beta testing this spring before fully releasing later this year.

Many of you already know what Kritika Online is all about – an action game with shared hubs and instanced zones similar to Vindictus, including big bosses, but featuring a cel-shaded art style and anime characters as well as a fast-paced combo system that led some players to compare it to Devil May Cry. You can choose from four different character classes with more to come later and when you're done with PvE you can always fight other players in PvP arenas.

“En Masse Entertainment is thrilled to partner with talented developers like ALLM to help them share their vision with our players,” said Sam Kim, CEO of En Masse Entertainment. “We are proud to be bringing the original world of Kritika Online to MMORPG fans in North America and Europe in 2017. The addition of Kritika Online will complement our diverse portfolio of PC games including flagship MMORPG TERA and team-based first-person-shooter AVA.”

“We’re delighted to work with En Masse Entertainment and bring Kritika Online to players in North America and Europe,” said ALLM’s CEO Jong-Myoung Lee. “We’re excited to build a partnership beyond just a developer and publisher relationship, and I expect we will find great synergy combining our expertise.”

You can sign up for updates and the closed beta on the official English Kritika Online site, with more details about the upcoming beta and launch plans to be revealed in a few weeks.

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