Kritika Online’s new class is a girl with wings… sort of

Kritika Online's new class

Kritika Online recently finished its western closed beta and is about to jump into open beta in a week or two. TERA's publisher En Masse Entertainment will unleash this anime brawler with four classes, each one with two or three advancements. In Korea, Kritika Online's new class, the eight class to join the game, is coming this summer.

A couple of teaser videos were recently released for the new class. While the first is very secretive about the new character, you can already see that she has these angel wings. As for the second video, Kritika Online's new class is out there in plain sight and boy, they fooled us. The wings are in fact some kind of bird that was hiding behind the character – possibly a Phoenix of sorts, but we're far from being experts in Ornithology.

Anyway, this class also has a bow, so it's not like she's just going to attack her enemies with the bird. See for yourself below.

Sign up and get ready for the Kritika Online open beta, it won't be long now.

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