KurtzPel adds new Karma Soul of Magus, watch the gameplay trailer

new Karma Soul of Magus

KOG Games has released the new Karma Soul of Magus for KurtzPel today. Courtesy of your new host Adel de Floretta, this is the ninth karma to make it into the game, if our math isn't wrong. This is another long-range karma that makes you feel like an anime superhero, as you shoot the orbs to deal devastating damage.

The new Karma Soul of Magus seems to come complete with a very agile character, one that isn't a stranger when it comes to aerial combat. If players will find this karma good enough to replace other long-range weapons such as the crossbow or the cannon, that is another matter entirely.

Here is the KurtzPel karma list so far:

  • Dance of Wind – Longbow
  • Sword of Talaimh – Greatsword
  • Diabolic Witch – Staff
  • Dual Souls – Dual Swords
  • Blazing Fist – Gauntlets
  • Sacred Guardian – Hammer
  • Fallen Light – Cannon
  • Ruler of Darkness – Soul Scythe
  • Soul of Magus – Orb

Watch the KurtzPel Soul of Magus karma in action below.

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