League of Maidens open alpha release date announced

League of Maidens open alpha

Developer Maiden Gaming has announced the League of Maidens open alpha release date. After many months of speculation and development, as the small indie team added a host of features – we discovered League of Maidens in January 2017 -, it will be available to play in February 25, 2021. The action RPG is already available on Steam if you want to wishlist it.

Initially designed as an action RPG based around a multiplayer online arena gameplay loop, League of Maidens has evolved and expanded into other modes. Now you can play an adventure mode with quests, and there are activities such as fishing and photo posing. The character creation options are incredibly in-depth, with dozens of sliders for every little bit that you would expect from a game about sexy female superheroes. You can go crazy if you want to, because League of Maidens allows for over-the-top customization.

Watch the League of Maidens open alpha announcement trailer below, but make sure that you look around before pressing play.

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