Live ‘Happily Evil After’ with a Dakuryon pet in the next TERA expansion

Happily Evil After TERA expansion

TERA is no fairy-tale when it comes to its dangerous universe, but you will be able to live ‘Happily Evil After' with the new update. Coming to PC on September 13, this clever word choice is probably inspired by the fact that you can have a Dakuryon pet at your side.

Yes, you read that right. There are five Dakuryon pets at your disposal, each one with different abilities. The regular one is capable of auto-looting, but things get gradually more interesting as it progresses. The MP Dark Lord Dakuryon auto-loots, auto-gathers,auto-uses Divine Infusions when your MP drops to 30 percent, and auto-gold-loots as well. But there is more to the Happily Evil After update. You can expect the return of the Dakuryon in a new and improved version of the Shadow Sanguinary dungeon, with enhanced boss fights and loot.

There is no trailer for the Happily Evil After update yet, but we'll show you the Dakuryon pet in action as soon as we can.

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