Lost Ark discusses balance and improvements for next beta

Lost Ark closed beta improvements

With two closed betas in the bag, Smilegate has just shared some details about the current development goals for the highly anticipated MMORPG Lost Ark. Going straight to the point, now it's all about balancing and improvements before the third closed beta begins.

The newest Letter of Risha has arrived, and once again details all of this as if it was a travel log. After the first beta, the idea was to analyze the content mechanics, while the second beta was used to expand and build the entire content structure. Now, the team is using the vast player feedback to improve some of the other Lost Ark areas that needed polishing, for a better experience.

One of the targets is combat, with some minor changes. For example, downed players had to wait impatiently, or the way that some skills are cut off and break the flow of the battle. Boss AI was improved and a “back attack” system was added. The inventory system was also heavily criticized and is now improved, with more slots and a space dedicated only to card items. An item lock function was added to prevent important items from being discarded or disassembled by mistake.

Finally, another highlight of the improvements is the new skill preset system, which means that you can save and manage your skill settings according to various situations.

This is just a summary of some of the changes coming to Lost Ark. There is no date for the third closed beta, but it shouldn't be too long now.

As a nice treat, here is a new track from the Lost Ark OST, called Valse de Fleurs. It includes a lot of “la la la la la” and so on.

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