Lost Ark Closed Beta Test 2 trailer is out, get the popcorn

Lost Ark Closed Beta Test 2

Smilegate has finally revealed some new and oh-so-pretty moving pictures in anticipation of the Lost Ark Closed Beta Test 2, which begins on September 15 in Korea. This video is over eight minutes of both scary and dreamy landscapes and characters.

It all starts with a spooky dungeon that could be taken straight from a horror game, and a minute later you'll set foot in an island so beautiful, so colorful, that even cute puppies cry at this sight. We won't spoil the rest of the video for you, but we can say that there's a bit of music, synchronized dancing and that wonderful waterfall… Don't fret, though. There's plenty of fighting and looting in this video, with the Diablo-like combat looking sharp and appealing. Naval exploration is another highlight, with the Lost Ark Closed Beta Test 2 significantly expanding the game world, as well as adding three new classes: Summoner, Arcana and Destroyer. Oh, and you can turn into a chicken, for some reason.

Lost Ark is definitely grand and exciting, and the video is worth watching until the very end. As for the release plan, Smilegate is aiming at 2018 for Korea and China only for now. However, there are rumors of an English version in the works and we bet that several western publishers are throwing cash at them to get the rights for this game.

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