Lost Ark English launch hinted by job offers, console release leaked

Lost Ark English launch

That the Lost Ark English launch is going to happen, no one should doubt by now. It was Smilegate's CEO that revealed as much, but the plan for Korean MMORPGs usually follows a set pattern: home release, followed by other Asian countries such as China, then Russia, and North America and Europe come last.

Considering that Lost Ark is currently in its open beta phase in Russia, published by Mail.ru, that leaves only two territories for the launch plan to be deemed as complete. Recently, a Lost Ark job offer was looking for English translators, but according to MMOCulture, Smilegate was looking for employees to take on other roles.

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These offers expire on November 30, which means that by now there should be enough qualified candidates to get the Lost Ark English localization going. Hopefully, the Lost Ark release is planned for 2020 in North America and Europe. Now let's take a look at these job offers.

Console Client Developer

While Lost Ark started as an ambitious PC exclusive, there are rumors of a mobile release. However, it looks like Smilegate is eyeing consoles as well, judging by this job offer. Requirements include experience using Unreal Engine 3 and 4, experience in console and online game development, and previous work on a multi-platform game engine is preferred.

Overseas Business Product Manager

As you may know, a Product Manager is someone who is in charge of every aspect related to a game. This person needs a great knowledge of the game market where the launch is going to happen, and has to be ready to face several challenges to make the game a success, both critically and commercially. The job offer's requirements include the need to speak, write, and communicate in an effective way in English, for business related purposes. As for the “Overseas” part, this could mean anywhere outside Korea, but the requirement to speak English is telling.

Overseas Service Planner

Requirements for this role include two years of experience in planning local and international launches, but also fluency in Chinese and English.

So, Lost Ark English launch for PC in North America and Europe, a Lost Ark console release, and Lost Ark Mobile is highly likely as well. 2020 should be an interesting year for this Diablo-like MMORPG, with plenty of new info and hopefully the western PC release.

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