Lost Ark reveals final closed beta date, new content and disco song

lost ark final closed beta

The third and probably last (for now) Letter of Risha is out of the bag and it brings several new details about Lost Ark, most notably a hint of the date for the final closed beta in Korea.

As you may remember, the previous letter introduced two new Lost Ark characters, Hawkeye and Soul Master. It also promised an interesting revelation for the next letter, and we hit the nail right in the head: it's the final closed beta date, or close enough. Sign ups will open on April 19, which means that the beta should begin in a couple of weeks or so, if nothing weird happens in the meantime. Anyway, we'll get back to this matter when we have a specific date.

The new adventure zone is the city of Bern (the translation could turn out to be slightly different), a beautiful place with unique architectural aesthetics. There is also a new area, the red sand desert, where you'll get to fight a Guardian. Once again, it looks stunning.

Three new Guardians will be making an appearance, and I won't risk translating their names. You should know that one looks like a winged lion, another one looks like some sort of dragon, and the third one looks like… well, Amaterasu from Okami, but with a bigger tail. You can check these Guardians and some images of the new areas in the new Letter of Risha.

lost ark final closed beta

lost ark final closed beta

Once again, a new tune from the Lost Ark soundtrack was revealed. Against all odds, someone decided that it would be fun to have a disco song somewhere in the game, but I'm pretty sure there is a decent explanation for this decision – for the life of me, I can't think of any right now. Anyway, listen to the song below and around the 1:00 mark, you can see some actual dancing for less than 10 seconds.

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