Lost Ark Mobile game development confirmed via job offer

Lost Ark Mobile game

Smilegate has unofficially confirmed development on Lost Ark Mobile. First rumored in April 2019 along with the possibility of an Unreal Engine 4 upgrade for the PC Lost Ark, the Lost Ark Mobile name is now clearly visible in the new job offers placed by the studio. This isn't entirely surprising based on the success of the Korean MMORPG, and it only takes a quick look at Black Desert Mobile to see just how great these ports are performing – Pearl Abyss' mobile version of Black Desert Online is several times more profitable than its PC counterpart.

As you can see by the image below (thanks MMOCulture), the Lost Ark Mobile name is prominently feature in the job offer. Some details can be spotted, specifically the Unreal Engine 4 part, which means that the mobile version is going to run on an upgraded engine in comparison to the PC title. Other aspects that are mentioned includes 3DS Max for 3D modelling, R&D, work on UI, sound design (ambiance, voice, effects), and expertise with Wwise.

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Since mobile MMORPGs seem to be taking a top-down isometric approach instead of a third-person perspective – Black Desert Mobile and Bless Mobile are two of the recent examples -, Lost Ark is already ahead of the pack due to using this camera angle right off the bat. It would be surprising to see any changes in this regard when Lost Ark for Android and iOS is officially revealed.

Naturally, it's too soon to know anything about a Lost Ark Mobile release date. Smilegate has yet to reveal any details on the game, something that could take a few months at the very least. As for the burning topic of a Lost Ark western release, there is the usual deafening silence. Sure, Lost Ark is releasing in North America and Europe, that has been said by official sources several times, but the truth is that a formal announcement is just taking too long.

Lost Ark Mobile job offer

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