Mad World’s new trailer is getting ‘Path of Exile 2D’ comparisons

Mad World new trailer MMORPG

Developer Jandisoft wasn't pleased with the old Mad World trailer and decided to create an updated version that better reflects the game. As you may recall, this is a cross-platform HTML5 2D MMORPG for PC and mobile devices.

The new Mad World trailer shows some of the different visual styles that you can expect, as well as several features. The huge skill tree is one of the highlights, along with the equipment, mounts, skills, and activities such as mining and… er… the excitement of picking up mushrooms. Could it be poisonous? Oh, the suspense is killing me!

That was silly, sorry. Anyway, the end of the trailer shows a few bosses that tend to be huge in Mad World and probably provide a fair challenge to your party.

Mad World is being compared to a Path of Exile 2D and that is perfectly fine by us. The release was planned for late 2018 but is now pinned for a vague 2019.


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