Mad World details Victor, literally a two-faced Corpse Carrier

Mad World Victor Corpse Carrier

Do you remember Libby from Mad World, the one that we talked about a few days ago? Jandisoft has released a new piece of lore detailing Victor, the Corpse Carrier. This unfortunate creature literally has two faces due to several gruesome experiments.

The more I see of Mad World, the more my mind unwillingly makes comparisons with the classic RPG PlaneScape Torment. Despite being two very different games, the atmosphere seems to be relatively similar.

The first Mad World alpha test begins in April and the sign-ups are open.

And now, let's give a round of applause to Victor, the Corpse Carrier. Because it's what's inside that counts, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz.
Mad World Victor Corpse Carrier

“Victor, a former logger from Battlefield of Meteors.

Never forgets the day he was abducted by Demons, becoming a subject of hideous human experiments.

After many painful, rather gruesome experiments. Victor and Murdock (a fellow prisoner) managed to escape from the hands of Demons. Resulting in scars to be unbearable, even one on his face looking like a mole, started to take a strange figure.

Free man he may be, but the fear of being recaptured lead him running to Dark Camp. By the time he made it there, the mole has transformed into a face.

Continuing his practices as a Corpse Carrier, he stays in the dark camp hoping to remain hidden. But the nights spent in the lab keep him up at night, wondering if he would ever find peace within himself.”


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