Out of magic: Wizarding World Online Kickstarter already canceled

A couple of days ago we reported on the Wizarding World Online Kickstarter and how this pitch for an MMORPG based on the Harry Potter franchise seemed to be stepping in serious copyright issues. Although the studio Bio-Hazard Entertainment insisted on the idea of a fan project and the acknowledgement from franchise owner Warner Bros of said development, there were some raised eyebrows all over.

Now we discovered that the Kickstarter was already canceled, with little over $5,000 of the $100,000 goal and the studio justified this action in the official forum:

“It has come to the time where we feel people were not ready to part on our side. We tried everything we could to show the fans we have the support, following and dedication to create an MMO based off HP but it seems the community was not going to support our production. Due to the fact that we decided to re-create a new game plan and structure for funding, we have decided to close our kickstarter. We apologize for the inconvenience, but rather than sit here and watch as the game be torn apart along with the community we will be closing it down and choosing a different route. The game will continue in development, but will be acquiring a new license that will allow us to avoid Kickstarter situations.”

What this probably means is that the Harry Potter license is too big a thing to get without tons of money, so the studio decided it was finally time to move away from Hogwarts and try something else. What “new license” could this be?

(Thanks Vince for the tip).


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