MapleStory 2: user generated content confirmed

MapleStory 2 global service closure

Our worries were just put to rest – Nexon has confirmed that MapleStory 2 will offer the possibility of players creating their own content, just like we hoped for in our Top 5 reasons to be excited for… MapleStory 2 article. It would be a terrible waste of a MineCraft-y potential to not have user generated content in such a game, considering the choice of a game world comprised of blocks.

NSquare went for the block system so that players could create their own content, from dungeons to more intricate things such as creating monsters, laying traps, and many other options. The user dungeons can be explored by other players or the creator can gather a few friends to go through them.

Nexon revealed that there will be a player housing system in MapleStory 2, created – obviously – using blocks whose price varies according to the region and material quality. There's one cool option that allows you to create houses together with other players, so that several players live in a single house.

The playable classes are outlined, with more to come in the future. So far, the choices are: Warrior (advances to Knight or Berserker), Magician (advances to Priest or Wizard), Archer (advances to Ranger or Heavy Cannon) and Rogue (advances to Thief or Assassin). Customization should be deeper than in the first MapleStory game and we're promised some massive boss fights.

In case you still haven't seen the first MapleStory 2 gameplay trailer, you can watch it below.

(Thanks MMOCulture)

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