Marvel Realm of Champions gameplay reveal surprisingly shows a 3v3 MOBA

Marvel Realm of Champions gameplay reveal

Color me surprised, and more. After many months of teasers and a slow buildup, Kabam has finally unleashed the Marvel Realm of Champions gameplay reveal onto an excited and unsuspicious crowd. Contrary to what one has come to expect from the makers of Shop Titans, this isn't a strategy or city-building RPG; it is in fact a 3v3 brawler. You can call it a MOBA if you wish.

After the initial shock and awe, it's time to deconstruct the trailer and examine what the game is all about. It is set within a new Marvel Universe (can it be called a multiverse?) with dozens of houses inspired by Marvel heroes such as Iron Man (House of Iron), Captain America (Patriot Garrison), and Spider-Guild, to name just a few. The trailer shows several arenas themed according to the house in question, with the hi-tech settings of the Iron Mongery and Palladium Mines corresponding to the Iron Man house. Or should I say, the Stark Prime house, because he is the Baron of this region.

Marvel Realm of Champions gameplay

The Marvel Realm of Champions gameplay continues by showing the hero customization options. Selecting a character from the Spider-Guild house, you get to pick parts such as face, arms, legs, torso, and weapons before entering the real-time battlefield.

It's finally time for the 3v3 battles with these new Marvel heroes. Judging by the trailer, the arenas are small and packed to the brim with obstacles and traps. Choosing a balanced team is going to be crucial, because the powers of every hero couldn't be more difference. Luckily, every player with a minimum of knowledge of the Marvel universe will know beforehand what to expect. Hulks smash, as the Gamma Horde house would say.

The Marvel Realm of Champions release date is set for late 2020 on Android and iOS. In case you prefer your Marvel games with a little bit more of MMORPG, keep an eye out for Marvel Future Revolution. This is shaping up to be a great year for Marvel fans.


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