Master X Master has officially launched in North America and Europe

Master X Master has officially launched

Master X Master has officially launched in western territories and you can sign up for free. North American and European players are now able to play this action RPG and MOBA hybrid from NCsoft starting today. The MXM closed beta ran for about three weeks and that was time enough to experience some of the clever ideas from this game.

The tag mechanic, for example, where you are able to switch between the two masters that you picked for a match. This allows for a degree of depth that other similar games don't possess, with the different abilities offering distinct playstyles.

While you can expect a polished competitive game out of Master X Master (with the usual tri-lane 5 vs. 5 style of MOBA, and the 3 vs. 3 team deathmatch mode), there's a lot more on offer. The co-op PvE campaign is surprisingly polished and engaging, taking players through several environments based on some of NCSoft's hits. Same goes for the masters, mixing original faces with some popular characters from Blade & Soul, Guild Wars 2, WildStar, Aion, Lineage and more. Mini-games are also coming to Master X Master in the coming weeks.

“The launching of MXM is a landmark event for NCSOFT as we simultaneously embrace a new genre and move forwards into pursuing the title as part of our esports initiatives along with Blade & Soul,” said Tom Nichols, Senior Vice President of Publishing, NCSOFT. “With 20 years of NCSOFT’s legacy to draw upon for content, and the multitudes of ways to play, we can’t wait for players to jump in and start playing the game.”

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