11 characters from Genshin Impact – watch their skills and gameplay video

11 characters from Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is that game that recently found its way into my mind and heart and just won't let go. Why does it have to be so hauntingly beautiful? How is it possible for it to feature 11 playable characters right at the first closed beta test, in a day and age where having four or five is already considered satisfactory?

Honestly, I don't care; I'm just glad that it is that way. Developer miHoYo clearly shows a great deal of love for its upcoming online anime RPG and that is perfectly visible in the characters that you can unlock and control. The 11 characters are all shown in detail by YouTuber DaikenXDan, highlighting the lovely art style and the different weapons and skills for each class.

Genshin Impact's 11 characters are the following: Traveler (the main character, which can be male or female), Amber, Kaeya, Lisa, Barbara, Jean, Xiangling, Diluc, Razor, Venti and Kamisato Ayaka. All things considered, that gives us eight girls and three boys – a slight improvement from miHoYo's previous anime game, Honkay Impact 3rd, where the cast was exclusively female.

Each character comes with distinct health, attack and defense stats, as well as a short biography. The beautiful game world seems to react to some of the weapons, such as Amber's fiery bow and arrow – the grass is set ablaze in a fantastic effect. Apparently, the developers are working on further elemental interactions such as this one.

Genshin Impact has many features planned for the long run, as detailed in a recent FAQ. One of them is an in-game photo mode, something that was more or less a given due to the breathtaking anime looks of the game's characters – the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comparisons are hard to avoid.

Genshin Impact isn't an MMORPG, but it features online multiplayer. You can invite a few friends to your game world, safe in the knowing that nothing will change in their game.

The first Genshin Impact closed beta ended on June 26. There is no release window for the next beta, but we do know that it will add Android devices into the mix – the previous beta was available on PC and iOS only. To know more about Genshin Impact, you can check the Top 5 Reasons to be excited for Open World Anime RPG Genshin Impact.

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