Meet your robotic companion in Skyforge’s Cybernetic Alliance

Here is the first reveal of the robotic companion that Skyforge players will get when the Cybernetic Alliance update launches on June 1, as previously announced. Designed by Flavius, this robot is called Autonomous Robot Companion, abbreviated ARC, and will be available to all players who have completed the Symbols quest (originally provided at the start of the game) previously or complete it in the future.

The ARC helps in battle by inflicting some minor damage and can be customized within the Style Room – things such as base appearance, adjusting visibility settings in both neutral and combat environments, reaction or providing suggestions.

The new ARC is the basic model but in future versions should be able to learn new skills. You can read more about the ARC here.

skyforge Cybernetic Alliance 1

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance 2


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