Name the next TERA female Castanic class in this poll

As we've reported a few days ago, there's a new class coming to TERA soon, the thirteenth class and it's a female-only class for the Castanic race. Initially the name bouncing around officially was Paragon, but the community didn't like it that much and most feedback mentioned how the name didn't have much to do with the “glaive-wielding Castanic badass”.

And so En Masse has decided to open a poll to all registered users where you can pick from five options: Paragon, Moondancer, Sentinel, Valkyrie and Glaivedancer. The approximate translation of the original Korean name points to something such as Moonlight Warrior, so that is probably where Moondancer comes from.

You only have until March 5 to vote, so hurry up!

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