New Paragon alpha trailer shows more gameplay

A new video from Epic Games' MOBA Paragon aimed at alpha testers shows some of the additions and includes new gameplay footage of one of the most anticipated free-to-play games of 2016. Besides learning that things such as a death cam and a co-op vs. AI mode were added, you'll get to know some more heroes from this game, if you're paying attention. So, you probably know already about Dekker, Grux, Sparrow, Twinblast and Steel, but in this video you can also spot Gadget, Howitzer, Muriel, Rampage, Murdoch, Gideon and a few more. There shouldn't be a lack of heroes when Paragon enters Open Beta in Summer 2016.

Paragon is confirmed as free-to-play, and Epic Games seems to be pretty kind with alpha invites, so if you're interested in joining the game and still haven't done so, sign up at Paragon’s official website.


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