New ReEvolve gameplay trailer shows beautiful anime sandbox MMORPG

ReEvolve gameplay trailer

Perfect World Entertainment has released a new ReEvolve gameplay trailer showing the potential of this upcoming free anime sandbox MMORPG. When ReEvolve was first revealed, its mobile nature was almost imperceptible, given the cute anime style and freeform gameplay.

After a few months of silence and a beta test in China, ReEvolve is returning to the spotlight with a promised English release. The latest ReEvolve gameplay trailer shows a beautiful and colorful world filled with magical beasts that you can use as mounts on land and air. The sight of a huge ethereal narwhal is one to treasure for a long time.

In terms of visuals, ReEvolve has a really unique identity – at 0:37, I couldn't help but notice the presence of a watermelon hog – but this is a game with a lot to offer. There is combat and housing, as well as guild warfare.

ReEvolve brings an original take on the traditional health system. Instead of the usual health meter, in this MMORPG you have indicators for hunger, temperature, and hydration. You need to pay close attention to these, because each one comes with its own adverse effects. Temperature may cause blood loss, hunger slows character movement, and dehydration will decrease your maximum health.

Currently in its final stage of development, ReEvolve was nominated for the Tokyo Game Show 2019 Rookie Prize. You can help the devs with your feedback from the trailer below by filling this survey.

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