Nexon has over 30 games to show at G-Star 2016, a few for PC

Moonlight Blade open beta

Nexon is going to be causing quite a stir at G-Star 2016 with its line-up, which was just revealed with the help of a new video. It's over 30 new games, with mobile titles taking the most space but also some interesting PC games in development, including the highly anticipated Peria Chronicles.

We won't go through the extensive list of mobile games, which includes Dragon Nest 2, Tree of Savior Mobile and Elsword Slash, but instead focus on the PC games. Besides the aforementioned Peria Chronicles, there's Tencent Games' MMORPG Moonlight Blade, Korea exclusive Need For Speed Edge developed in cooperation with Electronic Arts, the now B2P shooter LawBreakers from Cliff Bleszinski, the pretty cool side-scrolling MOBA Hyper Universe and Astellia, a game that mixes TCG and battle elements. Finally, there's Project Meta, a very secretive action MMORPG developed by Nexon for PC, with the motto “share, talk and try”, which probably means you can build stuff and try it.

Plenty of reasons to keep an eye out for G-Star 2016, and this is just Nexon. Here's the official Nexon site for the event.

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