No sign of Peria Chronicles on Nexon’s new roadmap

Peria Chronicles beta

One of the most anticipated MMORPGs in quite some time, Peria Chronicles is strangely absent for… well, ages, really. The last time we talked about it was in November 2015 and to mention how the game was skipping G-Star 2015, so it wasn't much help either.

Anyway, we have some more bad news for all of you waiting for this game – the new Nexon roadmap revealed in Japan still doesn't include Peria Chronicles (thanks MMOCulture). Developer Thingsoft is now a part of Nexon and is also working on a mobile game, a trend that seems to be taking over most studios nowadays.

We don't know if this means Peria Chronicles is delayed or ultimately canceled, but seeing that it had such an ambitious tone, it could be giving some serious development headaches to the studio. Seeing some newer games such as the Asian exclusives Need For Speed Edge or Titanfall on this roadmap but no Peria Chronicles is indeed disheartening, but let's not lose hope yet.


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