notmycar update brings back squads and fixes unfortunate car flips

notmycar update squads

I'm still having a lot of fun playing notmycar. When I'm not shooting other cars (and failing miserably most of the time), you can find me doing some insane stunts or driving at breakneck speeds just to see how far I can make the car fly.

Anyway, NMC Studios keeps on releasing patches for notmycar, which is still in Early Access but it is free to play right now – none of that paid Early Access thing. One of the bugs that happened to me – once – was having my car flipped over without any chance of getting back on my four wheels. That is now fixed with an auto-righting system.

Squad mode is back – hopefully for good this time – and there is a free-aim camera mode. There are a few weapon balancing fixes and art improvements, but overall notmycar is just that little bit better now.


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