Meet notmycar’s ride with pointy shark teeth, the Devastator

notmycar vehicle devastator

NMC Studios is regularly releasing new patches for its vehicular Battle Royale game notmycar. They are listening to the community and unleashing fixes and implementing suggestions.

But… cars! I want more cars. The current choice is a bit slim, with only three vehicles plus one extra for testers. Vehicles are cosmetic only and don't grant players any advantage, but if you want to stand out you can check some of them at the in-game store.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

One of the vehicles to be featured is The Devastator. This muscle car looks like a shark, with some impressive teeth paint job and a flag to match. But the front grille design is the cherry on top of this car.

The Devastator surely looks better than notmycar's starting vehicles, but that isn't by accident for sure.

notmycar vehicle devastator


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