Open world MMORPG Dragon Raja closed beta test is live

Dragon Raja closed beta test

The Dragon Raja closed beta test is live, developer Archosaur Games has revealed. The ambitious and overly pretty mobile MMORPG is gearing up for its full launch, with its global release date scheduled for February 27, 2020.

Not many keys were available and SEA players are locked out of the test (a different pre-registration system is promised for them soon). For those who were lucky enough to grab a key, don't get too attached to your character – despite promises of thousands of diamonds being deposited into your in-game account, a closed beta wipe is going to make your progress vanish. This is to make every player start on an even footing when the Dragon Raja English launch happens.

The Dragon Raja server opening times are the following:

  • 2:00 18th Feb(GMT-5)
  • 8:00 18th Feb(GMT+1)

One final note for those who were selected for the Dragon Raja closed beta test: don't forget to use the same email that you provided the devs, otherwise you won't be able to access the beta test.

When you're in, why don't you take a look at our Dragon Raja rating increase guide? Or perhaps you want to know how to turn off chat scroll during cutscenes? Whatever you are looking for, you should keep coming back because we have many Dragon Raja guides for you.

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